A Tale of Two Earthfoodie Girls


A tale of learning to love myself.

A tale of learning to love myself.

The road to peace with my body and with food and with loving myself, has been a long and arduous journey. Looking back i realize that’s only because I created it that way… and so it turns out is the truth with most of the going ons of our lives.
The thing is, you see, we can only do the best with what we have, right where we’re at, until we become aware of a different way. A way that is much more ease filled.
Ease has become my modus operandi. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t ever do anything that scares the pants off of me, or something WAY outside my boundaries of comfort… it just means that I don’t make a big dramatic production out of everything like I used to do in my younger years.

I have learned to lean into the unknown. I have learned to trust in the flow of life. I have learned that if I ask questions around anything that brings up funky emotions within me or scares the bajeebus out of me…

answers, solutions, and relief will be provided. Period. That’s just the way it works.

I’ve learned how to actually clear out of existence entirely, the judgments and points of view I had unknowingly bought, and consequently was functioning from. This is still something I’m doing on a daily basis, but it’s already changing everything.
 It’s changed my body. My self image. The direction of my life. My relationship with food. The opportunities that come to me. My interactions with loved ones. My ability to assist and inspire others. My views on finances and business.
And, more and more changes every single day. I am constantly expanding, growing, evolving.
The purpose of the Earthfood Experiment is to explore health of mind, body, and soul in a flexible and F~U~N way. We are here for a good time, not a long time… so let’s not take everything quite so seriously, eh?
Liv and I both choose a vegan lifestyle at this point in time because it makes our bodies feel gooooooood… but, ya never know what could happen tomorrow, maybe we’ll choose something different. But in the meantime, you can expect lots o’ experimentation with food from the earth.
What you won’t find here is labels and judgments. Come as you are. We love you TOTALLY.
Infinite love & Magic, Chandra Nicole…. and now I give you Miss Liv McRein. Mwah!

Musings on Nourishment and Stuff


I am so excited you decided to drop by our site and see what it is all about. Chandra’s journey is very similar to mine. I’ve been on a long path of self love and self acceptance when it comes to food, body image, and health. I came from a dark past which included an eating disorder, self doubt, and a horrible relationship with body and mind. But I can say now, that I have successfully emerged from that darkness and have a pretty good relationship with myself as a whole. It’s not always perfect, but nothing is…and that would be a little boring.
In the future, I’d like to share some of these transitions I went through to get to where I am at.  My hope is that it can help those who have been in my shoes and aren’t sure how to navigate through it. I’d like to help you with humor, love, and no judgement (AT ALL. EVER.)
I’m a crazy experimenter in the kitchen. From vegan cheeses… to cashew yogurt. There will be a lot of fun, mad science going on. I’ll share my mishaps to my successes, so maybe you won’t have to throw out as much stuff as I had to!
I’m also a yoga instructor and am working on a health coaching program through Integrated Nutrition. I’ll be posting a lot of good health information with a mix of mindfulness and soulful nourishment.
Like Chandra said, you’ll find mostly vegan and plant based food here. There’s a lot of thought that goes into why we eat this way (and we will get into it..if you are interested). But we are also ever expanding and not very good with labels. We tend to be a bit on the rebellious and mischievous side.
So, with fork and knife in hand..let us begin this rocking, crazy experiment.

Namaste and Shizzle


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Earthfoodie Girls

  1. Very inspiring from both of you and a very open and insitefull “1st blog” from you Livy; more light emerges from you on a daily basis.
    Love you! Mama Jo

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