The Pink Donut Conundrum

Getting my kids to eat healthy has been one of the harder tasks of  parenthood. It started off easy because the only food they knew was the food served at home. But as they grew older and went to Daycare, parties, Grocery Stores, they began to see the alluring properties of pink donuts, cakes, and cheese laden pretzels.
While I am an absolute proponent for pink donuts and cupcakes (moderation is key..more on that later), my children have a harder time saying no to the white substance we call SUGAR.

Solution 1: Sneak foods into their diets. Smoothies, soups, ect.

Solution 2: Make healthier versions of what they like.

And so I present to you the Walnut Date Bite. This recipe is extremely easy and my 4 year old daughter had a blast helping me make it.

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Walnut Date Bites

3/4 c of walnuts

1/2 c of cashews

1/2 c of raisins

7 dates

dash of salt

splash of vanilla

1/2 tablespoon of cinamon

Throw all ingredients in food processor. Pulse until combined and the batter balls up inside of the food processor.

Roll batter into little balls or squares (whatever you prefer) and then place them in the refrigerator to set for at least an hour.  I wrap them in saran wrap or plastic baggies.

After that hour, take them out and enjoy!

Look forward to more on kid friendly eats!




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