Cravings Baby


Ever have a craving for something that you just couldn’t cure. No matter how much you indulged or didn’t, you couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Chocolate covered almonds. Ooozing brie. French Fries. (Can you tell these are some of my craving foods?)

Scenario: “Oh my gosh I want those french fries. I’ll just have one. Just one. ”

“Oh that was soooo good. Just one more.”

Ten minutes later the entire plate has been devoured and you still don’t feel satisfied (but you have a belly ache).

The thing with cravings is,  it’s usually not even really about the food. Have you ever noticed when you are lonely or upset that the first thing you go for in the fridge is something comforting or something that reminds you of your childhood? The reason is that food is so deeply entangled in our emotions. It can feel like a food will help fill a void in our lives. Possibly a void we have been ignoring.

Next time when you get a craving,  before you reach for that baked brie, ask yourself ,”Is this really what I’m craving? Is there something else going on in my life that I need to address?”

Half the time, what I’m really craving is a good self pampering session. That usually involves a good book and a long hot bath.

If I try that and it doesn’t work, I’ll move on to something else like yoga. If everything fails, then I’ll go ahead and allow myself to eat what I’m craving. But I won’t binge on this food now, because I’ve brought awareness to the picture.

So what happens if you do binge on a food?

1. Start analyzing your life. What’s missing? Do you need to slow down? Meditate? Try nourishing yourself in other ways.

2. Forgive yourself and move on.  We can only change through self love. Guilt and shame just perpetuate the problem and bring it into focus. Realize that mistakes bring transformation. Lesson learned.

3. Drink a green smoothie or juice. Start your next day off with the intention of self care and nourishment.

The funny thing is, when we look at our habits around food we can see where we might want to spend more attention in other aspects of our life. I think it’s a really good thing to start a food journal and document what you ate and how you felt when you ate (upset, happy, ect). Do this for a week and see if you can pick up any habits or patterns that may not be nourishing. Then look at how you can change them.

Cheers to good health!


2 thoughts on “Cravings Baby

  1. great post. That is something I have come in to the understanding of lately. I use food as a comfort and when I realised this I started to focus more on the cause of the issue rather than the symptom. How very synchronistic of you, keep up the good work :).

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