Baby Gym Steps

This is a tale of a girl who exercises regularly for awhile and gets in good shape, then stops all together and falls out of shape, then gets back to it, then quits again… I’m sure you can’t relate.

Well, I’m back in the ‘out of shape’ swing of this pendulum and I think it’s about time it stops swinging so a consistent level of fitness can reign, because quite honestly I’m really tired of starting over. It seems that it would be so much easier to just get in shape and stay there, yes? I’m silly.

I feeeeeeeeel so good when I exercise! I have way more energy, need much less sleep, aches and pains aren’t a reality, and I crave healthier foods. I think my issue (aka excuse) is that it’s so cold where I live smack dab in the Midwest. During the warm months I love being outside and active, but when it’s cold all I want to do is hibernate all wrapped up in my fleece blanket while consuming half a jar of Peanut Butter.

The good news is that I will be moving to Santa Barbara, CA this summer., so this is the very last winter I will ever have to endure. The not so good news is that I’m still here until then… and it’s COLD baby! But it’s time to get my booty movin’! It’s telling me to do so, and I’m getting to the point consciously speaking, where it get’s pretty damn uncomfortable to ignore my intuition for too long.

The thing is that when i think about going to the gym, i have this grand idea of all the working out i need to do while I’m there, and it sounds like a lot of work… so then I just don’t go at all.

So here’s my plan:

I’m going to commit to JUST showing up at the gym every day this week. Whatever happens when i get there, happens. Maybe I run a few miles. Maybe I take a spin class. Maybe I do two wacky jacks and leave. Makes no difference, I shall not judge myself. Baby Steps.

In the least, I believe this shall begin the habit of taking the time t work a trip to the gym back into my life. I can always expand from there.

Off I go!!

~ Chandra Nicole

run time


2 thoughts on “Baby Gym Steps

  1. It sounds like a great plan Chandra, Fitness is for life and if you practice this discipline daily you will not only look even more amazing but you will feel it too.

    Keep it up and stick to it.


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