Almond Butter

Because you asked, I present the recipe for Almond Butter! And guess what? It is is super easy! Super Super. All you need is patience. And some rocking music in the background.




Almond Butter

2 c of raw or roasted almonds


You really need a food processor for this recipe. A blender might work (like a vitamix), but it will be more difficult.

Put the almonds and salt in the food processor. Go ahead and turn it on. The whole process will take about 8 to 10 minutes.  The almonds will first become a powder. You might need to scrape the sides down. Next the almonds will become clumpy and moist. Scrape those sides down. Somewhere around minute 8 the almonds will release their oils and smooth out (it will happen). This is the consistency you want for almond butter (similar to peanut butter). Be patient with the process. It will take a while. Put some music on and wait.

This is a base recipe. But get creative! Put some cinnamon in there. Try honey. Vanilla. The world of almond butter is your oyster. Get your creative juices flowing!


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