Guest Post~ Danny Evison

Hello Earth Foodies! I am excited today as we have a guest speaker Danny Evison. You can find him at Team Rebel, where he is a regular contributor.  He recently went through a shift in regards to food  and his perspective is really valuable. Enjoy!

Food is a subject I am incredibly passionate about. It is something that has been with me for all of my life and has served me as nourishment, a comfort and a form of self abuse. Like anything I think the food you eat is simply a reflection of the person you are right now. For many years I existed on nothing but junk food. Either overtly in the form of the big fast food joints, or covertly through GMOs and other additives. As I have become more enlightened myself, it stands to reason that the food choices I make will become proportionately more enlightened as well.


I am at the stage in my awakening where I am constantly learning so much, on a weekly basis I am experiencing new revelations and understandings about the world I have lived in for 27 years and the world I intend to live in for as long as I remain here. I have learned that food is not black and white. As with life there is no such thing as food that is good or bad, (with the possible exception of GMO’s). Generally food is either better or worse for you, and I think following that understanding the battle is won with baby steps. If you can improve your diet in a small way every week then in time you will come to have the lifestyle you want when it comes to food. Nobody is going to go from the worst diet to the best diet in one day, it wouldn’t be healthy or practical. As you experience greater levels of understanding and awareness, things will fall in to place a piece at a time.

I started by removing microwaved food from my diet. Microwaves heat food by vibrating their molecules at high frequencies to generate heat. This sounds fine on the surface, but an effect of this is that protein chains and other molecules can become damaged and mutated as a result. The cells that are repaired and newly built will be damaged and mutated as a result of using these damaged nutrients. Once I realised this, it was only a matter of time before I moved away from it completely. The next step for me was to remove ‘white’ foods from my day to day diet, such as white bread, pasta and rice. I was not aware of how nutritionally deficient these things are compared to their brown cousins due to the extreme processing they receive. Another small change and another improvement made.


The next step and this brings us to the beginning of this year was the biggest for me, the move away from meat. I have always eaten vast quantities of meat, and yet I love animals and abhor the idea of any harm coming to them. I always knew my conflicting views made me a hypocrite but I was not in a place of understanding or motivation to make any real change. This changed for me when I saw a number of documentaries about raw food vegan diets and the numerous benefits associated with them. I decided to try a juice fast. That is a week or consuming nothing but juiced fruit and vegetables. I’m not gonna lie, it was tough. It was an odd feeling, being nutritionally satisfied but having an empty stomach. Through force of habit I was hungry but the feeling was mainly in my head. At the end of the week I felt good. I cycled back in to a solid diet but with the now permanent addition of these juice drinks. I find them an incredible way to supercharge your diet with whatever fruit and veg you feel you are missing out on. Another step along the road and another improvement made. Instead of the massive bag of chicken breast’s I would normally buy as my typical protein source, I bought a few boxes of veggie quarter pounders. These aren’t perfect, but they are the next step. I intend to add serious high level protein foods like spirulina to my diet as a regular addition, and then I will research, find the ingredients and make my own veggie burgers so I know precisely how much of what is in each one. This is the mindset that I adopt now. I used to be too hard on myself for not doing everything perfectly. Now I realise that life is not about the destination, it really is about the journey, and a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. Sometimes when you are feeling down about the things you eat, or just life in general, it might be an idea to look back and realise how far the steps you have already taken have carried you.

~ Danny

We hope you enjoy these guest post. Look forward to more in the future!


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