Healing Miso

Miso is one of my favorite things in the entire universe when I am sick. I’ve been sick these last couple of days so miso has been my go to food. Miso is a traditional Japanease seasoning that is produced by fermenting soybeans, barley, or rice. It usually comes in a thick paste and can be found at most local Asian markets. Some cool facts about miso:

~Miso contains all amino acids and is a complete protein.

~Miso is full of probiotics and is a good source of B12 (for us vegans).

~Miso has been shown to increase the immune system. So next time, you feel a cold coming on grab yourself a big bowl of miso.

The recipe for miso is simple. You can add a couple layers of complexity.

Simple Miso

2 tbs of miso paste

1 c of water

Heat water and add in 2 tbs of miso. Make sure not to boil the miso as that will kill a lot of the good bacteria. When the soup is heated to your liking, it is ready.


The Ultimate Miso (I like it spicy)

Now I like to really fill up on miso. So I tend to add tofu, udon noodles, cilantro, soy sauce, chilli paste, and ginger.

I complete the recipe above for the simple miso. Then I shave in a 1/2 teaspoon of fresh ginger and add in 1/2 c of chopped firm tofu.

I then cook a package of udon noodles and usually add a bit of sesame oil to the cooked and finished noodles.  I then ladle the miso soup over the udon noodles, add some crunchy carrots, and cilantro.

Voila! A hearty miso soup. You can really add in whatever you want.


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