Guest Post~ Keli Conci

We are so excited to present our guest poster Keli Conci. She is a badass health coach an ass shaker extrodiannaire. We love her and are sure you will to. Be sure to look for her in the future! ~ Liv

I didn’t know you could actually feel comfortable after you ate a meal.

I thought that bloating, cramps and lettin’ the buttons pop after eating was normal and what most people experienced following a big meal. Who knew that wasn’t the case?!

I tried desperately to eat healthy growing up, but I did not have the support from my parent’s and was pretty much raised on fast food. As I became an adolescent I was self-conscious because I was “curvy” and looked older then I really was.

By the time I was in my college years I was stuffing food in me left and right and telling myself I could handle it (I’m pretty sure I was trying to say that I was one of those people that could eat anything and it not show- not so much in my case. Denial isn’t a pretty place, but it sure tasted good). I had gained more than the “Freshman 15” that was a fact.

I experienced crash diets, went on roller coaster rides with my weight and each time thought I had found the “solution.” Yeah right. I buried my head in the sand when it came to food and wasn’t even open to getting out the shovel to dig through the layers of what was really eating me.

Those feelings of discomfort and shame around hammering down tons of food at record time for no good reason really hit me as I climbed into my mid-twenties. Call it a shift; a conscious awakening – who knows. What I do know is I was finally piecing this puzzle together.

I began asking questions around food and knowledge would pop up in the form of books, documentaries, people and even a new school which gave me answers I was seeking. Suddenly I found myself intrigued with all things organic and holistic – call me a hippy, but I found my home.

And as I shifted I became aware of the feelings around food and the power it truly has to make or break a moment/day.

As I began healing my own ailments (hello lactose intolerance) through food, I really connected to how I felt after eating nourishing, whole foods. And you know what I realized? That for me to feel good, comfortable, healthy, light and energetic after (and while) eating, all I really needed to do was choose how I wanted to feel.

I had experienced the contrast (fast food, bloating, crash diets, eating too much too fast, uncomfortable in my clothes), and now I knew what it was like to feel light, energized, healthy, sexy in my clothes, and most importantly it wasn’t a crash diet it was a lifestyle change.

So, because I had experienced both sides of the eating spectrum, it was quite easy for me to choose how I wanted to feel. Yet, actually being conscious of what we eat and how we want to feel is not something that is part of our western culture today.

In this video I will give you tools on how to begin your healthy eating journey and how to choose how you want to feel effortlessly, as well as learning how to give yourself a break if you don’t choose “healthy.”


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