Experiance in the Grand Experiment



Life is one big effing experiment. That’s a fact. Everyday is a new experience in this experiment.  I decided to test out a hypothesis in life’s big experiment last week regarding food and my conditioned habits.  I decided to eat……meat.

Before you get all up in arms, I have to tell you…since I’ve been going to the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, I’ve been wanting to test my body on how it feel in regards to meat.  In the curriculum of Integrated Nutrition, bio individuality is one of the most important aspects to well being. Bio individuality is the notion that one persons poison, is another person’s antidote/ medicine. So one person may do really well on a vegan diet, while another does well with a bit of animal protein (like eggs).

I’ve been eating plant based for about 4 years now. I haven’t touched meat in a LONG time. I don’t even really remember what it tastes like. I do eat cheese once in a blue moon.   Living so close to France, we have the best cheeses over here. If I didn’t allow myself this occasional indulgence, I’d probably rebel and go crazy. I don’t do well with rules.

But I thought I would give meat a try again. I wanted to see if it would make me feel good and how it felt in my body. So with all good intentions, I went to the natural health food store and purchased a organic turkey breast. And I cooked a badass meal with it (at least my hubby thought so).

And how did it feel in my body? Not good. I really do believe that food carries emotional energies. I felt dense, guilty, tired, and low.

It was hard to disassociate everything I’ve learned about meat and the meat industry when I ate it.  You can’t take away knowledge and I will never be the person I was before I was a vegetarian.

Physically, it just didn’t feel good. I had forgotten about the texture and the sinewy, gravely bite fulls of muscle tissue I had to digest.  It tasted ok, but I could have not had it and been just have fine. Plainly put, I don’t and probably never will crave it again.

I hated cooking with it. I had one hand on the cleaner spray and the other fully gloved while handling the turkey.

So needless to say, I will not be eating meat again…until I need to experiment again.

I could have felt guilty about this all night, but instead I took this as an awesome experience. I realized I wasn’t missing out on anything by not eating animals. In fact, I felt better for it… emotionally and physically (even my hubby noticed a big difference in me after I ate the turkey).

Life is one big badass experiment. I urge you to always keep experimenting and trying new things. There is ALWAYS a lesson in the path.

~Note: Bio Individuality is important. And like I said, meat doesn’t do well in my body. It might be fine for you and that’s ok. We are a non judgmental platform here. I want to hear your experimentations on food and nourishment!


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