It’s Cleanin’ Time!

It’s very much winter where I live in the midst of the Midwest, no doubt about it… and do you know what freezing temperatures, wind, and snow make me want?

Blankets, sweaters, snuggling, wine, bread, heavy rich belly warming foods, and sugary treats. Lots and lots of sugary treats. None of these things do a healthy lifestyle make (at least not in the quantities in which I’ve been consuming them) I’m only able to dabble in this sedentary and over indulgent lifestyle for so long before I begin to feel it’s effects… on my mood, in my energy levels, and in the comfort of my pants. All of these things have a tendency to effect every single other area of my life, and at this point in time are creating a disconnect and some static in that which I’m attempting to create in this world.

So, the time has arrived to clean my inner house and prepare my mind, body, and soul for the next leg of my journey. A journey which includes expansion of serious proportions. I’m gonna need tons of energy, clear focus, and pants that fit.

A good friend of mine, Daniel Nenesso steered me in the direction of a book called Clean. This is a guide on a three week cleanse which consists of two liquid meals and one solid meal a day, mostly RAW (recipes included >>>!!!!) The thing that I love even more than the food in this plan though, is the fact that Dr. Junger talks about how everything is connected. Our physical, mental, and spiritual health are not isolated from one another. This cleanse is for the detoxification of the body, yes… but even more than that it’s a Quantum Detoxification to rid our minds from the self destructing thoughts and default settings that we’re oftentimes operating from in our busy day to day lives.


I will be sharing my experience with this process here on The Earthfood Experiment over the course of the next three weeks. (DAMN. Now I’m committed)

I’ve attempted to do cleanses before and wanted to quit after the first 5 hours, but THIS one I think I’ll be able to stick to. The food so far is delicious, and after making my first solid meal I had to do a double take to make sure I didn’t follow the directions wrong… the portion was HUGE. I can get down with that.

This was my breakfast for the day. A smoothie with Kale, Mango, Avocado, and almond milk. YUM.


And I had to share with you my gigantuan lunchtime meal. HOLY CRAP that’s a ton of food. It was seriously about 3 1/2 cups of food total. I was pretty much stuffed afterwards. It was lentils and all sorts of veggies with a lime and pineapple vinaigrette.


I’m exactly one and a half days into a three week cleanse, and I already feel SO much better. This is a testament, I believe, to the power of our attention. Two days ago I was doing a whole lot of judgment of myself because of the choices I was making that weren’t in alignment with what I knew to be most beneficial for me, and here I am now just 48 hours later  feeling amazing simply by focusing on how awesome I am, for doing something to improve my situation. This is what we call aligning with your truth, and it’s INSANE how quickly your reality can shift by the mere choice of focus. I’m five meals into this lifestyle change and my pants are already not uncomfortable anymore… I’m fairly sure that defies some sort of scientific laws or something.

What if we are just ridiculously powerful? What if we can change our realities almost overnight?

Are you in alignment with your truth? If not, why not choose something different for your life, your health, and your living?

See you again soon!

Tons of love, Chandra Nicole


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