Guest Post~ Amy Stanley

Guest Post today is Amy Stanley! She discusses her journey to healing with the help of her earthfood…TEA!


Tea comes in many forms and fashions these days, Tea has a nostalgic life all its own, the body and soul of pure sustenance! It is like that perfect “little black dress” you find only once in a lifetime! I custom blend teas so I get to have several “little black dresses”. Growing up in the south is what initially instilled the love for tea within me. I can remember my Mama Re Re having sweet iced tea ready for us every day after school when we would get off the bus. A true southern bell, I however like mine with a lot less sugar and a whole lot more pizazz.

My quest began a few years ago with this powerful tea journey. I have always struggled with my weight. I have been on countless diets, putting my body through whatever it could handle. As well as what it could not handle. The old saying, “you name it and I’ve done it,” definitely applies to me in that sense. I did a lot of research on green tea and then started to drink some of it myself, and I FELL IN LOVE! While playing with different recipes I came up with a perfect blend. I call it The Power Pack Blend. Not only did I have tons of energy but I started losing weight and feeling better about myself. I also noticed something along with my energy level my skin looked wonderful, and my body was clearing out the toxins. I found the right ones that taste amazing and work wonders! The tea changes the cravings that I have and I have noticed that I do not want sugar and bread the way I did before. My energy level was through the roof, and I feel better than ever! I have PCOS, Seizures, and I have had a battle with cervical cancer through it all I have been drinking the tea, and getting my health back! The tea has been amazing for me, and I am happy to have the pleasure to bring this amazing discovery to you as well! This has brought me to the place of a new beginning. I am thankful for the journey that I have been on the past few years. I have learned a lot and I am hoping that I will be able to pass that knowledge along to others through my experience. I have walked a path that most would never choose to look through the pages of, much less walk the path. Finding fault in what I have done, and been through would be like asking God to send me back to rewrite time and that would just be unfair. The lessons we learn can pass us through time like no other. We hang on for the ride, and enjoy all of God’s amazing view! With This amazing view that God has allowed me to see in my life I have found a love for helping people.

So pull up a chair, sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea with me! We have the POWER OF THREE and its ALWAYS TIME FOR TEA!

You can find Amy at The Power of Three Tea !


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