Guest Post~ Elisabeth M. Stone

So many guest posts as of late, we are gushing! Today, we are extremely honored and excited to present, Elisabeth M. Stone. Proud mama, activist, and foodie. Earth Foodies: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Elisabeth: Hello!  I’m Elisabeth M. Stone and I write a lifestyle blog (Elisabeth M. Stone), a community inspiration blog […]

Recipe~ Vegan Sourcream

Last week I showed you how to make rejuvelace, which is the base for sour creams, yogurts, and vegan cheezes.  My favorite use of rejevalc is sour cream. I use it for everything. Soups, Mexican Food, Curry, ect. The tang and texture of this is superb. I love to pour it over my favorite nacho […]

Guest Post~ Stephanie Perkinson

We are so excited to present our guest speaker Stephanie Perkinson. An inspiring women who works with women to help heal and nourish their journeys in this life! Enjoy!~ Earth Foodies: Tell us a bit about your story. Stephanie: Well, I’m a mom of two delicious boys and we live together with my boyfriend in […]

Guest Post~ The Lovely Dee

Guest Post today from Dee~ She is an amazing lady who works magic with photographs  (above is not her photo). Enjoy! Hi, I’m a 47 year old single Mom, who actually lives the dream of being professional photographer for the Army. I chose to make a change in my life for – me. * gasp […]

Half Assed Raw Nourishment~Rejuvelac

I’m going to tell you about a secret weapon I have. It’s the supreme nourishment for your tummy and filled with good bacteria and probiotic power. See I’m worried about your digestion. Your tummy has all sorts of things going on with it. The gut is the major area in the body where digestion occurs. […]

Baking Meditations

1 am baking meditations. That’s the shizzle. Sometimes sleepless night just call for some kick ass baking. And thus vegan stones were created. Vegan Scones! 4 c. of all purpose flour 1.5 c of dried cherries, cranberries, and figs 2 tbsp of sugar, plus 1 tbsp for sprinkling 2 tsp baking powder 1/8 lemon zest […]