Recipe~ Vegan Sourcream

Last week I showed you how to make rejuvelace, which is the base for sour creams, yogurts, and vegan cheezes.  My favorite use of rejevalc is sour cream. I use it for everything. Soups, Mexican Food, Curry, ect. The tang and texture of this is superb. I love to pour it over my favorite nacho plate.


Or strategically place it on top of burrito.


Vegan Sour Cream

2 c of soaked cashews (2 to 8 hours)

1 c of rejuvelac

a pinch of salt

Put cashews, rejuvelac, and salt in a blender. Blitz until nice and smooth. Place mixture in a glass jar and seal it with either a paper towel or cheese cloth (fastened by a rubber band).  Let the mixture sit for 24 to 48 hours. It depends on how tangy you want the sour cream to be. I usually let it go for 48 hours.  When mixture is done, taste and place in fridge for a few hours. Mixture will firm even more in the cool refrigerator.  Stores for about two weeks.



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