Guest Post~ Elisabeth M. Stone

So many guest posts as of late, we are gushing! Today, we are extremely honored and excited to present, Elisabeth M. Stone. Proud mama, activist, and foodie.


Earth Foodies: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Elisabeth: Hello!  I’m Elisabeth M. Stone and I write a lifestyle blog (Elisabeth M. Stone), a community inspiration blog (The Mama Earth Project), and an upcoming food activist blog (The Family Food Revolution).  I’m a 20 y/o mother to two little girls, Eden and Ostara.  I live in the Seattle area with my family and a mini commune, thriving on a vegan diet.

EF: Why have you adopted a plant based/ vegan diet?

E: My husband and I (out of completely random curiosity) attended a showing of Forks Over Knives the month that it was in theaters.  We walked into the movie completely clueless and walked out with more interest in food and nutrition than we’ve ever had toward another topic.  We immediately put our family on a whole, vegan diet and from there went organic and have been studying and mentoring since.

EF: Can you give us some good resources for a healthful transition over to veganism?

E: My favorite documentaries are Forks Over Knives, Vegucated (though this is not a good resource to learn “whole-food” veganism), Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, and Earthlings.

My favorite books on the topic are: The Kind Diet, The Food Revolution, Diet for a New America, The China Study, No Happy Cows, Hope’s Edge, & Diet for a Small Planet.

Children’s books available are: That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals and Vegan is Love.

And my favorite cook book on the planet?  Local Bounty

EF: Do you find any limitations to the diet? How do you deal with it?

E: In 2013 the only real limitations that I find are that it’s difficult to find vegan snacks at the passing gas stations or Starbucks when we’re traveling.  Pretty much every restaurant I’ve been to has fantastic GMO-free vegan options!  I do live in Seattle, though.  We’re pretty ahead of the game here.

EF: Do you experience any cravings? How do you deal with those?

E: Every once in a while I crave a meatball sub like nobody’s business.  On those days, I need only text my husband while he’s at work with CODE: SUB (he works at a grocery store… quite convenient on occasion).   He dutifully buys a bag of vegan meatballs, some bread, and marinara sauce.

Other times I just suck it up and drink some water.

EF: What are you favorite things to eat and cook?

E: My favorite?  I pretty much just love food.  If it’s keeping me alive and healthy, I’m good.  But I guess –specifically- I love spinach with insane enthusiasm.  Like, if it were healthy for me to eat a spinach salad 5x/day every day, I’d be one happy camper.

EF: Tell me about your little (cute) babes? What do they love to eat? Have they adopted a plant based diet?

E: My 3 y/o has been vegetarian since birth and vegan since we made the switchover as a family a couple years ago.  She does fantastic with the lifestyle and confuses all the nay-sayers by being a miniature hulk with a fantastic immune system.  At our last pediatrician visit she explained that her favorite foods were kale and carrots.  I got the eyebrow-lift and then a knowing, “She must be vegan?”

Could you tell?

As for my almost-one-year-old?  She just eats rainbow chard and boob.

EF: What or Who inspires you?

E: I’m inspired by people with balls, like John Robbins.  And I mean that strictly metaphorically.  He was born into the Baskin-Robbins empire.  He swam in a pool shaped like an ice cream cone!  But he chose to live a life that made a positive impact of Earth and Her people by leaving his family’s wealth and becoming an influential food activist.  (This is, of course, aside from living a completely minimalist lifestyle in a one-room cabin in the woods with his wife for 10 years.)  I really dig people like that, you know?

I’m inspired by people that are real and passionate.  I like to see people living their activism.  Scratch that, I LOVE it.

I’m inspired by people that take their passions to the extreme.  You’re upset by world hunger so you fasted for 2 months and sold everything for charity? You’re my new best friend.  You adopted 13 dogs because they were going to be euthanized otherwise?  Let’s hang out.

And at the same time I am so inspired by people taking the baby steps that they need to take in the right direction.

I’m really just inspired by everything.

EF: What do you do to stay healthy and nourished in the crazy stress of running a blog, going to school, and raising two healthy babes?

E: I listen very close to my body and what foods make it thrive most.  Adding more raw food into my diet has given me insane energy boosts that help me keep stress levels down.  I don’t really like to exercise.  I like to hoop, chase the kids, do light meditative yoga, and walk rather than drive.  This is probably fulfilling my exercise needs.      

So… I eat for my body’s needs and I don’t ever push myself to extremes with working out.  Less stress, more energy, better mama.

EF: What do you have going on in the future? What can we look forward to?!

E: Oh, love.  Everything.

I’ve devoted my life to reaching out and creating a presence that encourages Earth Activism and raising the next generation to be more responsible, mindful, and passionate than the last few have been.  I want to do this through offerings such as Wheel of the Year (a subscription for parents looking to connect their family with the cycles of Mama Nature) and my husband’s and my forthcoming blog, courses, and written works on the varying topics of environmental family action and compassionate and healthful veganism.  Keep your eyes out for it!





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