Here’s the thing I love most about life… 

It’s forever changing. 

This means you can be anything at any point in time. 

Just because you were something yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to be that today. 

You can choose. in this moment. to be something completely different than you’ve ever been before. 

The possibilities are infinite. 

This is my journey… your journey… our journey. 

Welcome to the experiment. 

A few random factoids about Moi’:

  • If I could marry an inanimate object, it would be chips & salsa.
  • I’m 33…. wait…34 years old.
  • I currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska: Land o’ the corn and beef, but no beefy’s for this lady! I choose to eat vegan style, cuz it makes me feel gooood.
  • Alby Einstein is my dearly departed boy toy. I love him.
  • I believe that laughter and gratitude are the greatest annihilators of limitation.
  • I clean my kitchen every morning while my coffee is brewing. I can’t not do it.
  • I heart high heeled shoes.
  • I love the people in my life so much that it causes my heart to explode on a daily basis. I can’t believe I’m still alive, actually.
  • I am an Empowerment Catalyst and the creator of a Rebels for Consciousness, a community of badass rebel beacons of consciousness.

13 years ago, I was gifted with the most amazing little girl. I refer to her as Miss M. Or sugar…cuz she’s SUPER sweet! I’m fairly certain she came into my world to teach me a whole lot about myself…and that, she has done. I feel blessed that I get the honor of being part of her life.

We also have a Yellow Tabby named Cheese.

I call her Chezzer McCheeto.

She meows.

A lot.

I’m MADLY in love with the ocean, and will live close to it someday in the very near future. There’s something about that big gorgeous mass of water that just speaks to me. It’s majestic and mighty, yet whispers softly of peace and harmony. I can smell the dewy sea in the air and taste the salt on my lips when I think of it…aaaaahhhhhhh…


In all honesty though, I’m as madly in love with the rest of the planet as I am with the ocean. I want to walk over every surface it has to offer. See every sight there is to see. Experience every single thing there is to experience on this big beautiful ball we’re spinnin’ around on. It’s just so amazing, and I’m so glad to be here.

My vision for this planet:

a world where everyone knows just how valuable they truly are.

a world where we all pursue our dreams and know they are not only possible, but probable… if only we believe.

a world in which competition, fear of the unknown, and addiction to comfort is cast aside, and in it’s place:

passion. beauty. joy. contribution. acceptance. love. fulfillment. peace.


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