Liv McRein


Hello People of the World! Thank you for visiting our website.  My goal here is to help inspire you to live a full and vibrant life through genuine nourishment of both body and mind.

I’m currently living in Germany with my super little family. I have two little epic Buddahs. Be sure to look for some awesome plant based kid approved recipes on this site!


Cooking is my meditation. When I’m in the moment, chopping away, that’s all there is. I cook plant based and we eat pretty healthy.  When the body get’s healthy, the mind follows. I always make room for little indulgences. Cupcakes are my crack.


I am a yoga instructor and am working on a health coaching program through Integrated Nutrition. I want to help you feel good and nourished. I want you to heal parts of the body that have been neglected. I am a firm believer that emotions are held deeply in the body. They can be toxic and can lead to sickness. Movement is a good way to let these trapped emotions go. Movement can be in many forms. Dancing, running, hula hooping, ect. For me it’s yoga. And sometimes hula hooping.

If you are in my area and want to know my yoga teaching schedule, go to Soma Yoga.

Chandra and I are here to help inspire you and cook some badass plantbased shizzle!


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